Raffard-Roussel brings together in the same work environment the artists Matthieu Raffard et Mathilde Roussel.

We believe that in a time of ecological and sociological mutations of an unprecedented scale, it is important to fully rethink our relationship to the world. We are convinced that as artists we can participate to this movement of reinvention of the world by constructing, among others, the bases of a new imaginary for the future.

We search for building this new imaginary by -->
---> Developing a sensitivity to the movements of matter provoked by the production of an artwork when it draws on materials coming from different origins (like when we map the material, energetical and social displacements that where necessary to the production of our artworks).
---> Inventing or reinitiating the modes of recording the world that require the use of a very low quantity of material and energetical resources (like when we create the archive of a body from the margins of the newspaper that we have read through the year).
---> Showing the materiality and the functioning of the digital technologies that we use in our studio (like when we produce and make visible our tools through the making for exemple of a drawing machine operating with colorant matter gathered around our studio).